Got the 2 Doosl Pulse 4’s just before had to go to work.

Got up about 4 AM and checked my bank and email.

Wanted to install email on my server but it’s running apt update so have to wait.

Got the trash and recycling ready. Took the blueberry pie out and dump in were we had the wood fire on the land. It had mold in it. I guess from Dad getting a piece of it.

It was hard to clean the try it was in took a while. Then put it in recycling and took it outside.

In the south sky it was lighting. Fair away did not hear it just seen it.

Typed some info on my Google photos.

5:38 AM now. Going back to bed now.

Went back to bed watched some YouTube and turn if off and got more sleep.

Got up just before 9 AM and still apt-get is running on my server.

8:58 AM now.

Checked my email I had to tell it to go on line don’t know why it did not.

Paid a Amazon bill the was due in 2 days.

Checked the PayPal and they closed the sound bar one and I checked the link in my email and it’s not there anymore. I can’t type back to PayPal about it. So just lost the 98.99 they got some bad people over there.

PayPal said:

Case status:Closed

Thank you for reporting this case. After our review, we found that certain transactions weren’t unauthorized and hence couldn’t be covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. We’ve noted the account changes you reported with this case.

And then Transactions not refunded live and learn. But it will happened again some time I am sure this old and still happens.

It was for the “Sonos Beam Soundbar with Voice Control built-in”. Looked on meijer achievers they don’t have the black one that I order but they took off they have the white one now.

9:31 AM now.

Put the Over the Hedge Movie in my PC and started to watch it. I wanted to see if can stream it to my TV but it don’t list it not sure how. So just watching it on my PC.

9;46 AM now.

Ate potato salad as I watching the Over the Hedge move. It’s just OK not real good so fair.

Drank some milk and ate a hard bold egg.

10:39 AM now and the video is about 1/2 way over now.

The movie is at the end now. The end was putty good.

11:11 AM now.

The speakers from Walmart are out for delivery so should get them when the mail comes today.

I got the sound of the hard drive on my server. Just edit to have the sound.

Some hard drive have them side by side so not sure what one is doing it.

Started to do a email to lan because the NanoPi-dock locked up again. Then got this sound to put it in the email.

11:45 AM now.

Looked if the trash was picked up and it was. Dad ask for eggs and I said want 2 hard bold ones he said yes but when I gave them to him he said scrambled. So I ate them and cooked 2 scrambled eggs. Gave them to him.

Ate a peach we only have I think 5 left Dad ate a lot I maybe ate 4.

12:07 PM now.

Watched some YouTube as I ate the rest of the nuts and then went out and got the tash bens back in and the mail. I got the 2 plus 4 copies open them up the glass only his on one side and just looks cheap and don’t have a AUX port. I plug them both in to charge them up then can test them I guess with a SD card when I get home from work.

Brushed my teeth and put on a work shirt. Brushed my teeth and typed this.

12:48 PM now. Got to go to work.

Went to work and start voice recorder talk to Lily She said Diane was still here I clocked in and Diane was working yogurt and I talk to her a lot should be on the voice recorder.

She talked about her toe she did break it at the end of it and showed me pictures on her phone and then as she was showing me the coffin I showed her the picture of my toe when the toenail fell off and she did like a gross sound that I didn’t do that on her pictures.

Got a video in the cooler.

Just started to work L carts of juice it was about 2:10 pm when seen Diane leave. She waved bye as she walked down the main isle and said pack it out. I said I will.

Emptied her shamrock and took it back worked more juice and went on my first break bought a burrito that I haven’t had for a long time ate gotta drink water clock back in work more juice.

Wrapped the skid and put it on the truck.

Got with Bill on the computer to fix my vacation it’s going to be in about three more weeks because labor day is coming up and he said that another manager told him they can’t have people on vacation that week. So the 5 paid days will be 9/16 to 9/20 with my 2 unpaid days at the start and end of that so 9 days in a row off.

Move the milks up to the top shelves and filled some of them.

Wrapped another skid put it on the same truck.

Worked more juice and then went on my lunch break the lines were long so I went to the service desk and I bought five little TV dinners with a dollar off coupon.

Ate one of them and put the four others in the freezer in the break room got a drink of water and looked around some clock back in in.

Worked more juice L carts.

Went on last break and bought 2 boxes of raisin brant and put them in the car.

Clocked back in worked one more cart the M cart.

Then milk came.

About half a skid of 2% gallons fell about 20 gallons spilled.

Bill called me there was a big milk spill in the truck and Bill got 3 photo one blurry. So only putting 2 in here and looks like he edit them to low res.

The truck driver Bill and I put them back in milk crate on the truck. The truck driver put them on L carts and the 1st one when it went up the ramp the front fell and spilled 2 more gallons. I mopped it up.

It was 3 skids and I put them in the cooler and then got the L carts of it and put them on the skid they fell off of and put the milks in rotating them by date.

Got a shopping cart it had someone else’s damages in it with the paperwork I though it in the hole in the wall and used the shopping cart to count the damages.

Used boxes on the top of it to fill more was overflowing the shopping cart. Took it to the hole in the wall and dump it.

Ask Bill to send me the photos he got in the truck of the milk mess. It seems like it did not work and got my real text number on my phone and I called Bill to make sure it was my phone and text number.

He said he will text the photos.

The bottle person Glen help me fill the milks I had to do it fast to get out on time and I did at 9:30 PM.

Got a video in the cooler and went to McDonald’s and got Dad food. After me they said to all the cars behind we are closed. So I just made it. Used my points to to add more points.

Came home and took the stuff in my cereal and gave Dad his food and 2 pills.

Watched YouTube and brushed my teeth and went to sleep.

Author: Ray

I work at Meijer stocking the cooler. I know things about computers and can fix lots of things. Computer and house things.