Debbie came over made food and washed cloths. The police came for Lisa.

Got up just before 6 AM.

My server had 1 upgrade and I did it. Checked Andrews server and it had about 10. I did them. It said some hold back. I looked on line. I think it has to do a new version update.

6:11 AM now.

Pored soup that is not foaming type in the other type and clean the foaming one then clean the bathroom counter top some.

Made and ate a sandwich that had lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and baloney. Put the clean dishes away. Moved a chair for Dad.

Ate some chips as I watched a little TV.

Put the computer back in the room Michelle was in.

Moved a chair in the living room over a little so there is more space for Dad to walk though.

Looked if I had the out audio tape of Debbie saying a will to Dad. But it don’t look like it at lest converted to MP3. But I found one were I guess Kenny was saying what Cheech and Chong said in one. I looked for it on Amazon and found one but other songs I remember from way back then. I guess Shaffer’s had the record. I bought a album and play it some. I guess that other one is on some other one.

Just found the song. “Earache My Eye” It came with that album. Playing it now. It did not have it all. Looked on the Internet and it called “Earache My Eye (skit included)” Got a audio video of it on YouTube.

Playing it now I guess it will go to the end part that I remember and that was on the tape Kenny redoing the audio.

9:34 AM now.

Typed to Donald if he remembers it but he don’t type back. Just played them some and put them on my server and had it scan for new music.

Debbie came over and she is getting food ready to make. We plug her volt car in the garage power.

Got all the trash together and put new bags in the small ones and put the trash and recycling out in the garage.

Dawn came over too. To change the bandages on Dad.

She is getting clothes ready to wash.

10:48 AM now.

Used the clothes thing to put the clothes down in the dean.

Watched some YouTube new ones of Brodie Smith. Neat how he makes the frisbee shots.

Ate a salad Debbie made. The spaghetti got done and we all ate it.

Gave the Cats food and water out back.

Showed Debbie the Letter got from Lisa. 12:44 PM now. I got to go to work.

Debbie scanned the letter to send it to Cindy.

Went to work. Only talked to Paul a little and clocked in. Worked a hole L cart Paul made. Then worked a full AD cart. Got rid of the cardboard from it.

Went on break. Bought and ate a $1 burrito. Got to clock back in now. 3:13 pm now.

Clocked in and worked a L cart of AD juice. Then the 2nd AD cart. Got the milks from the bottom to the top shelf’s and filled milk. Went on lunch.

Bought and ate a burger. About to get a drink of water now. Its 6:26 pm now.

Got 13 minutes left on lunch.

Looked around a little and. Locked back in. Wrapped a skid and put it aside. Worked the 3rd AD L cart. Kenny came. We talked some. I got rid of my trash went on last break. Bought a big candy bar and ate 4th of it in the car. Got a video of markings they have on the lot.

Clocked back in and worked a L cart that had mostly AD one it then a AD juice L cart. Barb called to ask me to empty a shamrock and I did. Changed the eggs and filled what I could of milk. Clocked out right on time 9:30 pm. Typed this on my way out.

Came home and checked the mail nothing in it so I put the flag down.

Turn off the TV and light Dad had one and he was a sleep.

Watched some videos on the Amazon box. Fell a sleep on it.

Replace a circuit breaker at Paul’s. Debbie came over. Donald came over got his VoCore paid me $40 for it.

Woke up about 3 AM and could not get back to sleep so watched some new shows that recorded last night on TiVo.

Got out of bed just before 5 AM and checked my e-mail and the video on the night owl. Looks like Alex took Michelle to get her car and she used the lawn mower gas in the back for her car. I guess just enough to get gas at the station. They never came in side. So Dad never know.

5:35 AM now.

Looked for a time lapse program. It could let you try it. But to save the 1080 video out it cost about $70! But could play it so I used Movavi to copy the screen at 1080 and then used VideoReDo to cut out parts and to light and to dark and saved it. It’s the the back yard the Raspberry pi 2 got.

It worked good.

6:37 AM now.

Ate cereal and Got that video to upload to Google and looked at some of the photos there. Looked up S&H green stamps on line. Read about it some. After I seen the old photos of it with Mom in one.

7:05 AM now.

Found 25 pin RS232 plugs and found a wire that can plug in to the plug made for that plug and solder it on. Booted up the old lap top Windows 98 on it. Took so long for it to boot up and start things. I wanted to install putty. No driver for a USB flash drive so Went on line to download putty. I had to reboot it to get the Ethernet working. But it’s a printer port and guess can’t use that for RS232 at lest it did not work.

9:11 AM now.

Worked on a USB to 25 pin printer on my server.

Dawn came over for about 1/2 a hour at about 10 AM helped Dad.

Never got the USB to printer to work as a RS232. Just gave up.

Set the router I used on the VoCore of Donald’s to a good IP.

11 AM now.

Watched some TV.

Paul came over said how a circuit breaker is not working on his Dishwasher.

Debbie and Dad came back home and then I went with Paul over his house. He drove me. We went to a hardware store and got a breaker and I installed it and that fixed it.

He showed me his power display and it shows it very good.

Then he drove me back home and I got the mail and I got the C=64c case. Debbie made food and Dad, Debbie and I ate. It was good.

I put the commodore in the red case and post it on Q-Link.

Debbie left.

Then Donald came and got his VoCore and paid me $40 for it.

He left then and I watched some YouTube videos on the Amazon box. Added a person to my YouTube and read some of her some.

It’s now 9:47 PM now.

Michelle picked up her car.

Woke up before 4 AM some time. Stayed in bed but just could not get to sleep so I got up.

4:21 AM now.

Went to the bank to pay the Meijer bill. But it could not be displayed at the bank. So gave up and just have it do the pay from the Meijer site.

Looked at Google plus some wile I ate cereal.

5:31 AM now. Going to get ready and go to work.

Got the cat food plates out back. Turn on the back light. Wile i clean the plates 2 of the cats came gave them food and water outside the back door. Seen the other cat on the front porch when i left for work. Just did not see Mew but seen her last night on the porch.

Got to work. Dairy looks bad. Seem like Josh hardly did nothing. They were unloading dairy skids from the truck. I guess to vet there stuff to sort it.

5:59 am now. At the clock typing this.

Clocked in. Got a box of wrap and used it on a milk skid and put it aside. Took a skid out the had empty milk creates on it and put it were we stack them to start a new one.

They took off 7 skids from the truck. I guess to get there stuff. I made some room in the cooler and got them all in. Worked one on 3 L carts because it was in the walk way. Worked the things in the coffin to the shelf.

Counted holes 90 of them.

Put the price strip on the coffin. Went on break.

Bought and ate a $1 burrito. Clocked back in got a drink of water. Empty a AD cart 2 of them. Put a skid on one and worked it to the coffin and shelf’s. Worked a L cart of AD i got from the 1st skid i did. Went on lunch break. Bought and age a burger. Got a drink of water.

11:02 am now. Got 15 minutes left on lunch break now.

Looked around some. Clocked back in. Moved carts to have room to rotate some milk skids. Then worked milk. Wrapped a skid put it aside. Started a new one. Put about have a live load skid on a L cart. Went on last break. Bought and ate a peach $1.50 fruit cup.

12:49 pm now. By the clock typing this. Got just over 2 minutes left on last break now.

Clocked back in and put 2 other skids on carts to get the coffee mates at the bottom of them and then I worked some Juice AD L cart. Then filled what I could of milk. Not much room in the cooler.

Clocked out right on time. Came home Michelle’s car was gone. Dad said her and Cindy was here.

Ate a ice cream stick wile I watched a lot of TV just resting after a hard day work I was just behind so much to do because others do not do good work before me on Sundays.

Water the plants and typed this.

6:17 PM now.

Printed out a map for Dad to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Watched a short you tube video.

Heated and ate the 2 last Wight Castles. Checked my e-mail and bank.

6:51 PM now.

Watched a new The new screen savers on my i3. Did $35 for kick starter “For the Love of Spock” to make a movie.

9 PM now. I am tired. Going to go to bed.

Got Donald’s VoCore restored. Works now.

Got up just before that Alarm and turn it to off. Drank OJ. Checked what new photos got uploaded to Google. Looked at them a little.

5:38 AM now. Going to get ready and go to work.

Went to work. Raining out side. Went in looked at the paper when work next week but its not up yet.

5:55 am now. Just waiting by the clock.

Clocked in and wrapped the country fresh milk skid and put it out side. Started a new one with 2 empty skids they had in the cooler. They had 2 skids of empty milk creates and I wrapped one and put it aside.

Moved old dates of milks from the bottom to top shelves. Faced the eggs and worked them. Got 4 egg carts out of the cooler.

About 15 before 8 am by then.

Got rid of the cardboard from the eggs and went on break. Bought and ate a $1 burrito.

8:21 am now. Got less then 3 minutes left on break now.

Filled some easy juice holes. Filled some milks.

Went on lunch break. Bought and ate another $1 burrito. 10:45 am now. Got a drink of water. Got 17 minutes left on lunch break 10:46 am now.

Looked around some. By the time clock now. Less then 2 minutes to clock back in. 11:01 am now.

Clocked in and worked a AD juice L cart.

Could not call or see a manager to ask about opening the hole in the wall.

Worked what AD cookies have but still 2 holes.

They called me to check if we have some half and half. I said its on the shelf. Went on last break then. Just sitting in break room typing this. 12:36 pm now.

Worked the 2 Yoplait AD carts and filled what I could of milk and clocked out at 2:30 PM.

Raining out side some got the mail and just rested on my bed and watched TV and ate the rest of the Cheetos I had. Fell a sleep on the TV some.

Got out of bed and drank some milk.

4:19 PM now.

Checked on line when I have to work next week. Get Monday and Friday off.

Went out to the garage with the 3.5 inch hard drive that only had the motor on it. I heated it up to see if can get the motor out of it. But can’t. I had to break it out. Then put it in recycling.

Ate ice cream on a stick.

4:49 PM now.

Set up a bill payment for Dad.

Looked out the windows in front Mew the cat is laying on the carpet out there. I guess to get out of the rain.

Went in Mom’s old Bed room to put the things back on the floor that were on the bed from cleaning the carpet. Clean the game cubes too. Michelle spills pop on them and the rest button stays in on one. I put water on it upside down and put it back upside down hope the water will go out and fix it.

Put the bed sheet on and started to wash the cloth in the washer. I took of the lid to clean behind it. I don’t get how the girl get that part dirty. Mom never did. Now that they are not here it should stay clean.

Used the PC Michelle had. To try and fix the VoCore of Donald’s.

6:43 PM now.

Got Donald’s VoCore working again. All went real good once I set up a IP of it worked just like the link showed.

8:45 PM now. Got to get to bed.

Came back from Cumberland Maryland. Ken came over got his photos upload to Google.

Got up just a little just after 3 am to go to the rest room. Typed the rest of yesterday then this. 3:33 am now. Going back to bed on the couch.

Woke up. Thought it be about 6 am but it was about 5:35. Just getting light out side.

Typed this on my cell phone. 5:44 am now.

There computers was still scanning. I turn there old. Net book off and back on and booted it. It has windows vista. Used Debbie’s other flash drive. Copied them by that with the flash drive to her other net book working better.

We got ready and hugged each other. He came out to open the garage to get the plug for the car. We left and stopped at a gas station to break the $100 cash got 10 in cash. Started to drive back. Can see fog on the top of the mentions.

Debbie said that Mom said long ago that it is good did not move there because Dads bothers drank a lot and Dad would too.

7:50 am now.

Debbie put the volt car in montin mode. It uses the battery to half and charges it going down hill. Can fell the car like breaking down hill.

Driving a long way to make it to the expressway. Just on 2 line hilly roads.

8:34 am now.

Copied the photos from Betty on my netbook windows. It did it fast USB 3.0. Looked at them.

We stopped at a rest place and they have a car charger but it was out of service! Maybe because the plug was on the ground and it rain.

We went in and Debbie paid about $20 to eat at a burger king in there.

When out to the car. I got a video of the changing not working. Some people talked to Debbie about the car elections. One said thanks for going green.

9:54 am now. Back to driving.

About 11 am got in Ohio.

Debbie ask if Andrew want to drive. So next rest stop they will switch.

11:37 am now.

Stopped at a rest stop went to rest room and to McDonald’s in there. Debbie paid. I got a small vinela shack. Then Andrew started to drive only about 10% in Ohio now at noon time.

Stopped at another rest stop about 80% though Ohio. Went in to go to the rest room. Debbie switch to driving and is vetting gas now.

1:45 pm now.

She got 7.1 gallons of gas.

On the road again.

Got off and paid but could not go on the road we wanted. They had a detore and followed it some. I put home in my GPS says we are a hour a way now.

2:18 pm now.

Debbie called Steve said should be back in a hour. She has to take Andrew back too. Less then 8 minutes to home GPS says.

3:08 pm now.

We got back. Debbie talked to Dad about how Betty last a lot of wight. Andrew did a note what things he borrowed. I fed the pet fish. Debbie and Andrew left.

Went out and got the mail. I got that green 320GB hard drive. Got a letter from Lisa too. It’s for me and Cindy. Read it. It’s good. She said doing good and can stay for 30, 60, or 90 days she said going for the 90 days. She has a friend there. 5 other people in her room and stays on the top bunk bed. She said wight back. I will when I get time.

Showed Dad the copy of Betty’s photos to him on my Win book. He liked them.

Put things away. Set my cell phone to start back up to Google. I don’t get it but looks like a lot of the photos of just back. It my of did it in my pocket.

Typed to Kenny some he is coming over with food for Dad. He will bring Dawn’s neat book. I guess no room on his to copy photos. I said download picasa.

Checked my bank and I got paid and I put it down on paper.

4:15 PM now.

Worked on cutting the 4 photos in one to each.

Got a call from George. We talked a wile about this computer. I guess I put a older backup on it. I will let him know next time my days off work.

Watched a little TV and Kenny came over. He had the internal flash ram of his cell phone filled up. So we hooked it up to the net book he bought over and copied the photos to it and installed picasa and he log in his Google account and it uploaded them all even videos over here thought Ethernet in about 2 hours. He bought spaghetti too and we all ate most of it.

He for got some things for Dad and went back to get them. When it got back it was all most done uploading the photos and video from the older lap top.

He clean the dishes. Then left.

It’s 9:05 PM now. I got to get to bed.

Went to the funeral for Linda. Copied lots of old photos from Betty.

Was sleeping on the couch. Woke up about 3 times in the night and looked at the time. When it said 7 am i got up. Andrew and Jack still sleeping.

I looked around. Looks like this house don’t have a fire place.

Looked in his basement. He has things neat. Musty down there. Looks like be is in to cars. A door is down there to the out side. Nice that the house is like on a side of a hill.

Just sat down on the couch and typed this.

7:51 am now.

Can’t update this till get WiFi.

Went out the back door. Took a video with my cell phone. Went to the house. Could hear them talking. Debbie said come in. The camera batty was changed and I set the date and time in the camera.

Connected to the cable internet with WLS button. Debbie got on too with her windows book thing. She called Andrew. He was up and said he will come over here. Just a walk to here.

8:21 am now.

Andrew came. And could not connect with his Linux. She made food. Good food eggs, toast, hash browns, and OJ.

Andrew reset there wireless router. I help. Then could set it up with a password. Had to reset the cable modem.

We got her net book connecting.

Just waited. There daughter Dianne came. We just waited and talked. 10:45 am now. It starts at 11 am but says only 2 minutes from here.

We followed them there. Went in and they seated us and we all just fit in a bench seat. It was about a hour long. They did not say much about Linda who died. People played a piano and sang. They could sing putty good.

We all had to walk out then we went back in to get photos of flowers and find Dads. We found flowers right in the center with a bird house on top.


I got a video of all them too.

Went in like a jim on the same place were people getting ready to eat. They talked some and we went following them. I typed this as we did. Going xown hill a lot so bettery in the car stays 100%.

We got to the place got this photo of it.


They sat us and ask what drinks then we all went up and got food. They have a lot to pick from. On steples wifi.

1:05 pm now.

Cost $55.84 for all 6 of us. Dads sisters husband paid in cash. There daughter left $5 tip looks like.

1:21 pm now.

I ate 2 plats. Got about full.

Steve call Debbie. He took Dad to a hospital appointment.

We sat there talking and left about 2. Followed them to a bank. So Debbie can get cash on the way back for toll roads.

He card is expired. She called her bank see if they can fix it.

They could not any thing for Debbie. Andrew has a $100 bill. Debbie said can use only if really need to. Flowing them back. On the expressway.

2:16 pm now.

Started to look at a lot of old folders Betty has. Then set up the Lexmark printer scanner. Installed XnView and started to scan a lot of old photos. It takes a long time.

5:10 pm now.

Got the photos scanned. Installed picasa 3. Then sign in and uploaded the new scanned photo to my Google account. She has 2 antivirus programs on it worked on uninstalling one but it taking super long to.

We ate some. They got there other net book out so i can look at it. Its slow. It had to check disk and taking a long time.

7:41 pm now.

Just talking and waiting for the net books.

8:14 pm now.

Went to the other house. I think his name is James pugh. He was getting ready to watch the new season of dome. Started at 9 and 2 hours long. He said he is just a little younger then Dad. About by 4 years.

I was falling a sleep. So he went to his bed room and watch it there. I went to sleep about 9.20 or so pm.

Went with Debbie and Andrew in the Volt car to Cumberland Maryland.

Woke up about 3 AM and stayed in bed but just was not getting any sleep. Watched some short video using the Amazon box.

Got up and got the clothes out of the dryer. Lots had lint still on them.

Drank OJ and ate a Cheese Danish. I still got left.

4:36 AM now. Got to get ready for work and be there at 5 AM and get off at 10 AM.

Went to work. Clocked in. It was not as bad as i thought it would be. Wrapped the county fresh milks skid and put it aside started a new one. Faced some of the eggs. Michele showed me how she worked some of the back stock in the cooler. Things that if Paul was not on vacation would be worked like the country fresh milk and coffee mate and silk milks.

Worked a live load juice L cart to the coffin. 3ed shift or Cristel worked it to the shelf. I put it in the cooler.

Faced the rest of the eggs and pushed them up from the back.

Filled the eggs. Got one egg cart out. Put it and another out side and the country fresh skid i wrapped.

Then worked the yopilt AD cart. Ask if i could move 2 of my personal days and Mike the manger will do it for me.

They had a skid out in the like lobby of dairy juice and organic milks. I put it in the cooler.

Went on break. Bought and ate a burger. Clocked back on got a drink of water. 8 am then.


Got that of the coffin showing when you put Yopiait in there how it gets messed up. But that what they say to put in it.

Counted the damage cart and then worked the milk and then 2 L carts of juices. Got rid of my cardboard and tied the the bale. Then I had to get out new wires for it. Then some things on a skid and then clocked out at 10 PM.

Came home and took a shower. As I did Debbie and Andrew came and I got dressed and Dawn came and changed the bandages on Dad.

10:51 AM.

We left just after that time in Debbie electic car. Stopped at Meijer gas station. Then the car wash. 11:11 am now.

On the road now. Andrew is on his ienovo doing remote desktop to his school server.

Asked Debbie things about this car. Only runs from electricity the engen charges it. It can use both at the same time if needs the power.

11:37 am now.

At about 12 noon got in Ohio.

At about 12:30 pm stop at a rest stop. Very nice one. We just went to the bathroom and got driving again.

On the wifi in the car.

12:38 pm now.

We stop at a Panera bread place to eat. Debbie paid for all us about $30. They have WiFi here.

I got a turkey sandwich with a apple too. They both got salads. We all got water to drink. The sandwich was real good. 1:56 pm now. Waiting for Debbie to eat bread.

Went to the restroom and then we all got ice cream. Debbie paid. We ate that out side. Then Andrew started to drive. About half way in Ohio now.

2:26 pm now.

Ate 3:21 pm Andrew pulled over to let Debbie drive. He got to tied. Said he don’t know why got good sleep.

At 3:47 pm it cost $12.25 to get off the turn pike. Debbie paid.

Only went a little way and had to pay again. Only in cash. We stopped at another rest stop. Went to the restroom. Andrew. Ought some food at the Burger King there.

We drove though a mountain i got a video with my cell phone. I for got to bring my Sony wide screen small video camera.

SSH to my server with my old cell phone. I bought the juice app. It works good for it on the phone.

Just less then a hour to there now. 6:07 pm now.

We got there just before 7 pm. They had a book to put names in we did. Lots of people came. They had Linda in a coffin. Could see her dead and one hand recold some. People just stand around talking in grupes. They had a video of still photos of her. We left and followe Dads sister. I typed this. We are about there. 8:55 pm. Now.

We got there plug in Debbies car. Went in there house. They have internet but they dont know the password to there wifi or router. Debbie made sandwich for us. It was good. Watermelon too.

We came down Jacks place. Its the house at the other end. Andrew used a bed. I help put the sheets on. Jack Andrew and i talked some. I am sleeping on the couch.

10:30 pm now. Can’t update this. Debbie said in the car used the home 1GB of data. I said maybe from my phone uploading a video. But i only have a 32gb card it cits on so could not be that.

Got a new toilet and the carpet cleaned real good. Dawn came over and clean the house some.

I could not sleep and got up about midnight and took the other 2.5 inch bad hard drive apart. To put the rest in recycling.

Checked out and the map. It had to install silver light to get street view. It just would not work. But after a long time found out IE works with it. Looks like they have all most all the streets and they have ares. I can go right to are house. I save the photo of it.

Microsoft said I had points. I said redeem them. Said I could win a Windows phone. It would not text to a VOIP so did are home phone and it did that and I could put in the number it said. So said I my Win a windows phone.

I got the one out I have to see what model. I could not connect it to WiFi after a long time seen the Internet is out.

It’s thundering out side now. I guess some tree fell on the coax cable for Comcast.

But I on on here with my LAN the other WordPress backup. It’s neat can do it on the LAN if Internet is down.

2:15 AM now. Still not connected.

Going to see if can go to sleep now.

Went to bed and I could see the lights on the cable modem. I watched some TV and seen the LED’s when on so it connected.

Then went to sleep.

Got up just after 6 AM.

Checked my e-mail and worked a long time how to flash the VoCore. After a long time looks like have to upload it with kermit but it took a long time to find any thing that has that. I plug the USB to RS232 in this i3 server. Got it working with minicom and that has kermit upload/download. Did a wget for the .bin file and pick to upload it. But it just sits there. I posted about it.

Debbie called said to go get the toilet today. Dad needed cash so I used his debit card to get it. Just went there and got it. Put it in the truck it all most fit just had to tie it down a little.

Came home and got it in by the bathroom. Printed out the recyipt form it. I remember taking it but not what I did with it. So printed it and put it on the clip board and gave Dad his card back and $50.

My IP changed but did not get a e-mail that it did. Have to see why. I changed it and typed this on the MK802IV and wile I did it came back up. It takes a wile for the DHCP servers to get it.

10:47 AM now.

Did get a e-mail that ip changed. I missed it. So it works good.

11:02 AM now.

Dawn came over to help Dad and to clean the house. She said a person is coming to clean the carpet.

I changed the toilet to the new one. It was not that hard but the old one had to wipe up the wet floor I moved it out to the garage.

The person came to clean the carpet. I clean Michelle’s room got a lot off the floor and set it on the bed. He clean the floor good.

Debbie called and I got a Link to Dad’s person who died. Linda Jean Gulick. Printed it out and gave it to Dad.

Called work and I can only get unpaid days off for it. I called back because Debbie said would have to go by 11 AM to be there on time tomorrow. He said I can come in at 5 AM to 10 AM then.

He clean all the carpet and the couch and I went out to help with Dad’s chair in the garage.

Took the chair out in the sun and Dad left to go get flowers for the funeral.

Dawn is still here cleaning she did the bathroom and help Dad with his bandages.

3:44 PM now.

Dad came back home. He stopped at McDonald’s too.

Went out and got the mail. I got the audio CD cable.

Heated a small TV dinner and at it.

Dawn is about to mop the kitchen floor now.

4:28 PM now.

Gave water to the vine plants.

Log on to Andrews server it had 66 updates.

Hung up some cloth that Dawn put on hangers.

4:47 PM now.

All my photos on my i3 got uploaded to Google. That’s neat it’s a nice like cloud backup of them.

5:09 PM now.

I got the chair back in the living room. Dawn help me get it in the door.

She left then.

5:28 PM now.

Watched some TV and ate some Cheetos. Folded the clothe in the dryer and started the next to dry.

Jerry called me. He wants to get together. But I said I will not know what days I have off till next week.

Drank some OJ and brush my teeth. Debbie called said it will rain the day of the funereal.

It’s 7:01 PM now.

Seems like I all most go the VoCore to upload a restore. But it did not work. There are other ways. One is to have a FTP server but on IP so later when I have time will have to set that up.

Posted about it.

8:15 PM now. Going to bed now. I got the alarm set for 4:30 AM. To be there at 5 AM.

I guess bricked my old PogoPlug pro. Found out Lisa will stay at rehab for 90 days.

Got up just before midnight. Tested Donald’s VoCore and seen he had the RS-232 plug in wrong. He had it to the 3.3 volts. So looks like it messed up the flash on it.

Got the USB to RS-232 working. I had to un-install the drivers to both what it showed in Device Manager then it worked again after I waited a little for Windows 8.1 to auto install it.

Looked on line for help but just could not find it. I posted a message for help.

Tested out the PogoPlug Pro too. The RS-232 works on it now. It just don’t boot up right. Looked on line how to set that up too. But it’s hard to find how.

1:32 AM now. Going back to bed now.

Got up just after 6 AM. Checked out a lot of the videos on the Raspberry pi the old ones. It has over a year worth. Named some of them.

7:43 AM now.

Took a shower and put soup on Dad’s skin were he has stitches behind his left ear. Set the oven timer for 5 minutes. Waiting for that now.

8:13 AM now.

Got the bandage behind Dad’s ear. Looks like it worked good.

8:23 AM now.

Solder the RS232 on the old PogoPlug Pro it worked good. I used the new soldering iron.

Put the WiFi card in my old PogoPlug Pro and the 3TB drive it had on it. It booted up. I worked on installing Linux on it. But then when went to boot it it don’t boot at all now nothing from the RS232 ether now. It’s a brick now.

Watched Star wars the clone wars new one.

Typed to Debbie because a person called Dad. His niece Linda died yesterday from brain cancer. I know I a photo and I think of her when she was here but I can’t find were I have it. Installed Picasa 3 to help look for it. Did not find it.

Got the cloth out of the dryer and put the ones on the bed in the room Lisa been in.

Went out back and put food for the cats out in the barn. It was empty.

Came in and Ate some cake and started to watch the New screen savers and typed this as it plays.

4:02 PM now.

Used the PC in Michelle’s room to run spin right on the small lap top drive I have. It can’t test it something is to bad about it.

Watched some and then looked at my e-mail and I think the Pogoplug pro my boot off the SATA port if I copy the 8GB USB drive to one. I order a WD green SATA drive off e-bay for $20 320GB.

Looked on some.

Cindy came to get things for Lisa. She can’t talk to Lisa but Lisa did a note to the person that talked to Cindy and Lisa can’t were short cloths so Cindy got some in her room. She said how Lisa will be in there for 90 days. That after 2 weeks she can go out to find a job and has to go back each day. She wanted other things too. Wanted $40 to buy things and Cindy bought some things for her. She said after Lisa gets out she has to pay her back. I guess a job were Cindy runs her business.

She left to go were Lisa is said she can’t even see Lisa will just give the stuff to another person that gives it to Lisa.

Typed this and it’s 8:12 PM now.

Got 2 bad 3.5 inch hard drives and I put the platters in the one with the good motor. I thought it would not work and I was right. So I just took them all apart got the magnets out of them.

Went out in the garage and got the hose. Spayed the mat off that the cat pooped on. Took the bad nozzle off and put a good old one on with good presser and spayed the poop out of the garage.

Clean off the air conditioner it worked good now that can spay good.

Came in and heated and ate 2 of the sausages they cooked out side yesterday.

Watched TV and could not sleep and it became midnight.

Family came over and took all the 5 kittens. Started Donald’s camper and put it by the road.

Got up just before 5 AM. Clean the cat litter. One went on the rug down there and folded it over to cover it.

Typed the rest of yesterday and it’s now 5:14 AM.

Looked at some of the raspberry pi video’s and name some of them. Turn off the alarm.

5:34 AM now.

Clean and ate some strawberry’s and gave the cat’s food. Mew can cat food with the dry food. The little kittens eating it too and I herd crunching. So they must eat the dry food too now.

Got ready and it’s 5:47 AM. Going to work now.

Went to work. Clocked in. Started to empty the coffin and put it on the shelfs. The person came to help. I said face and work the eggs. She did. Scanned hiles and worked the AD Yoplit cart. She said was done with eggs. But she was not. I got boxes out and put them on the floor that would go up and she worked them.

Got done with the yopilt AD cart. Pulled out the next one for her. I went on break then. Bought and ate a burger.

Drak water in the skink.

Clocked back in. 8:48 am.

Chaned the 2 sopes in the break room.

Counted the damages.

Moved the milk skids around to sort them right. Wrapped a skid put it aside.

Put L carts on others. All together got 8 empty L carts. Used them to put skids on. Took the damage to the hole in the wall and left it there.

Got 2 skids on L carts and went on lunch break. Typed this.

10:48 am now. Big TV dinner still heating.

Ate and talked to Lisa some. Paul’s girl friend. She just don’t say nothing back. Got 2 more minutes to go on lunch. Just waiting at the clock. Its 11:03 am now.

The one girl who work with me made sines. I put eggs in the end cap. Then I filled the gallon milks. Then got rid of my trash and clocked out right one time at 2:30 PM.

Came home and a lot of cars in the drive way. The family came over. Cooking out side. Kenny and I went back in the barn and got a grill.

I clean the cat litter and put a new on back in were the kittens are. They are pooping in the cover thing.

Typed this it’s 3:20 PM now.

They made good food and we all ate. Dad came in the garage and set in his char. Michelle drive to Happy pizza.

I took a video and it filled the it. So I am copy it to my UBuntu-i3 now.

It’s 4:39 PM now. Michelle just got back here right now.

Went back out side and ate a some chicken they they cooked out side. It was good.

5 PM now.

Donald wanted to start his camper he went to Meijer and got starter fluid. He came back and we hook a chain to his 4 wheels. The camper started and I got in it and Donald pulled it. We had to rock it and got it unstuck. It left big holes were the tires were.

CJ drove it to the road so Donald will put a sign on it to sell it.

They took the cats all out side. Said just leave them out side all the time now. Cindy gave me 2 plats of cat food and I put them in the barn.

People were leaving.

Michelle found her both rats and I put mettle plats tape on the cage. Because the rats eat holes on it. They are going to give both rats to a friend that Cindy has. She said she all ready has one rat so she will like them.

We seen in Dad’s room that the big jar’s Dad had of penny’s that had about $80 each in them and was at lest 3 maybe 4 are all gone. Must of been Lisa that cashed them all in so rip it off from Dad. Not sure how long ago it was.

They took all the baby cats all 5 of them.

Cindy make us root beer and Dad and I had them. They left about 8 PM.

CJ came back and got the last kitten and I gave him the rest of the wet cat food. He left about 8:20 PM.

I typed this and it’s now 8:31 PM now.